Beeswax Candles

Winter Fairytale


”This honey has a slight medicinal aroma and flavour. We like the mintiness and the freshness. The flavour lasts well in the mouth.”

Great Taste Awards / The Guild of Fine Food

Absolutely the best quality of honey I’ve tasted, and I’m particularly fussy. I wish I discovered this brand a long time ago, before spending a small fortune on Holland and Barrett’s 24+ Manuka honey, even 50+ didn’t cut it. Propolis is much more effective due to its concentration. Felt the benefits within a week, cough and cold banished-naturally! I am definitely buying more!

Irina Aggrey  

”I have had a bronchitis for some time. Nothing helped. I bought a jar of your linden honey. To be honest, I was sceptical it will help but decided to give it a try. Ate the whole jar in 3 days and it did actually worked. That is what I call a REAL HONEY. Thank you!”