Vegan Lime Ice-cream

I am not a vegan myself, however I think this ice-cream made to my top favorite ones. It is so creamy, so fresh, so green… DELICIOUS!

It is perfect for a hot summer day or as a dessert for your party.

The ingredients you will need:

  • 300g of ripe avocados flesh(about 3 or 4)
  • 2 limes
  • 220g of honey

First step is to grate lime zest and then squeeze juice out of them. Peel off the avocados skin. You should get 300g of avocado flesh without a skin and a seeds. In bowl mix together (using blender) avocado + juice + zest. At last add the honey. Mix everything very well. Transfer the mass into the container. Keep it in a freezer at least one day and Voila! your healthy, vegan ice-cream is ready. I promise you no one will ever know that it made out of avocado.

!  Serving ideas  !

Decorate with slice of a lime; sprinkle with lime zest; drizzle with a honey.

Bon Appetit!

Madhavi, xx

One thought on “Vegan Lime Ice-cream

  1. Marion says:

    I’ve never had a better tasting ice-cream in my life!
    And the best part is that it literally takes 5 minutes to prepare! And the second best part is that it is vegan and still sooo creamy!
    Thank you so much for the recipe!

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